I've been wanting to make pumpkin cookies, but I know they always turn more cake like because of the pumpkin's water content, does anyone know how to make pumpkin cookies have a chewier texture?

  • Posted by: happycao
  • November 19, 2010


happycao November 20, 2010
Even only adding two tablespoons of pumpkin made the cookies still way too cakey for my molasses cookies... but then I tried it with my oatmeal raisin and I think it worked better cause the raisins and the oats might've "soaked" up some of the moisture.
mrslarkin November 19, 2010
Good luck!!
happycao November 19, 2010
I'm using canned pumpkin unfortunately, I had 6 lbs of it! So when I unfroze it I put it in a cheese cloth to take out most of the moisture, so that's perfect I'll try to use it, I was trying to come up with a pumpkin molasses cookie actually so I don't have a recipe just yet, so wish me luck!
mrslarkin November 19, 2010
I think they'll always be cakey, but it's worth trying. What other wet ingredients are in the cookies? Definitely try the above ideas. And I might even squeeze the pumpkin in several layers of cheesecloth, like tie it up into a ball and then have at it. Save the drippings for pumpkin soup!
innoabrd November 19, 2010
I can't buy prepared pumpkin puree, so when I've done something like this with it I've rendered it using a long, slow oven and then, as campagnes suggests, draining some more in cheesecloth after pureeing.
campagnes November 19, 2010
You could try subbing pumpkin butter for the pumpkin (and proportionately tweaking the sugar/spices in the recipe). Or you could heat your pumpkin puree on the stovetop, stirring constantly, until it's reduced and thickened somewhat. Or you could line a colander with cheesecloth or paper towels, dump in your pumpkin puree, and let it drain for awhile to get out some of that water. Not sure if any of those would remove enough water to give you the result you're looking for, but they're worth a shot. Good luck!
nutcakes November 19, 2010
Sorry, have never heard of or eaten such a thing. I do like a pumpkin whoopie pie, though.
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