substitution for chick peas

Hi. I want to make a chicken tikka masala recipe in my new instantpot, but recipe calls for chick peas. Due to health issues, I cannot eat chickpeas or many other vegetables:(... Would yellow squash work well? Or could I make without and put over roasted spaghetti squash? Thank you for your suggestions!!!

Ellie Landau


Lost_in_NYC October 31, 2017
Definitely don't use squash as it will get very mushy.

Not sure what vegetables you can eat, but aside from the options MSTV mentioned, you can do a vegetable medley - saute potatoes, red/orange/yellow/green peppers, carrots, french beans, cauliflower and then add in the tikka masala sauce after the veggies are fully cooked and browned to your liking.

Paneer tikka masala is also amazing.

Another option and I haven't tried this yet but saw it at Wegman's - mixing cooked Basmati rice with the tikka masala sauce as an option. You can add in the same vegetables mentioned above.
mstv October 30, 2017
Yellow squash is much softer than chick peas. Can you use paneer, chicken, shrimp or cauliflower?
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