Chickpea flour

I found a recipe I'd like to try that calls for chickpea flour. There's chick peas themselves in the recipe as well...I don't have any of the flour and was wondering if there was a substitute I could use that would be somewhat similar? I just hate to get a whole bag and only use a small amount

  • Posted by: skittle
  • September 18, 2011


sdebrango September 19, 2011
Thanks Sam tomorrow will try with baking soda, the baking powder helped a little its only going to get better with the soda, thanks.
Sam1148 September 19, 2011

It should be baking soda not baking powder as I said, sorry.
Keep running it through, but the plastic may have really picked up the oils over time. I clean mine soon after using spices.
skittle September 19, 2011
What fantastic information from everyone! Thank you so much for all the input!
sdebrango September 19, 2011
LOL, panfusine I thought thats what he meant. @paul joseph I am hoping the govt will accept the changes and glad Hazare ended the fast. Good to hear from you! @sam1148 I tried the cleaning with rice and baking powder. It helped definitely but there are so many years of spices its going to take several applications. Was wondering about baking soda and rice? baking soda removes odors from the refrigerator, what do you think?
Summer O. September 19, 2011
Both Publix and Whole Foods carry the Bob's Red Mill brand. I use mine to make panisses. You could do the same with your leftover flour. They are my new favorite thing.
susan G. September 18, 2011
If you have soy flour you might try that, since they are both bean flours, but since the besan (chickpea flour) is made from roasted beans, and the fat contents vary, I wouldn't unless it's a small amount.
vvvanessa September 18, 2011
also check health food store bulk sections for chickkpea flour so you can get just what you need.
pauljoseph September 18, 2011
sdebrango Government promised to Anna Hazare they will introduce the anti corruption bill in Parliament but i don't think the politicians are going to change the system
boulangere September 18, 2011
pauljoseph, we haven't heard much from you lately. I was gone for a chunk of the summer, and guess you were as well. How are you doing? What is the status of your book?
Panfusine September 18, 2011
yep, besan used to be the exfoliant of choice until the multinational firms came in with the chemical laden soaps.. It works wonders on the skin sdebrango.. (just combine it with a touch of turmeric -organic of course & used as an exfoliant.)
pauljoseph September 18, 2011
I just correct it thank you Panfusine yes I mean facial
sdebrango September 18, 2011
Totally interesting, wow pauljoseph had no idea besan could be used for so many different applications.
On a personal note pauljoseph how are you doing with the fast?
Panfusine September 18, 2011
@pauljoseph... I think you mean 'facial' ;-)
pauljoseph September 18, 2011
Better you buy a whole bag less than two pound is in it? use it for your recipe remaining you can use as a facial and body wash
wssmom September 18, 2011
Sam1148 what a great tip with the rice and baking powder!! Thanks!!!

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Panfusine September 18, 2011
Check your local Indian stores for roasted chickpeas called 'dalia dal' they're available in small quantities. they're soft & crumble into a powder when pressed between the fingers. Use this to make as much chickpea flour as you require. just give it a spin in a coffee grinder.
Sam1148 September 18, 2011
@sdegrango. Try it and sniff it and report back; I'd like to see how well this suggestion works with different models.
sdebrango September 18, 2011
I have a braun with steel blades I had 2 one for coffee and one for spices. A neighbor borrowed my coffee grinder and kept it, so all I have is my spice grinder. This may just save me from having to buy a new one for coffee thank you,
Sam1148 September 18, 2011
It might depend on your grinder. Mine has steel blades and it works great. Even after grinding Indian spices it's still good to use for coffee and keeps me from buying another grinder just for spices.
Try it with your model and see if it removes the 'coffee smell'..if's good to use for spices and coffee with the cleaning.

sdebrango September 18, 2011
I never knew that, the rice and baking powder to clean the grinder! Always learning something here. Thank you!
Sam1148 September 18, 2011
Do you have dried chickpeas? A coffee grinder?
lightly roast the dried peas for a few mins in the oven. Put in the grinder and grind into very small batches. You could also use lentils if have those dried.

To clean the coffee grinder..rinse it dry it..put in some raw rice and some baking powder and grind to a paste. Repeat until the smell is normal.
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