Cooking question: How much cooked egg noodles for 32 oz liquid?

Carmen Johnson


caninechef November 3, 2017
Usually noodles are cooked like pasta, in an excess of water and then drained. There are recipes around such as skillet dinners where noodles are cooked in a limited amount of water along with other ingredients. These use just enough water so when the noodles are done and water absorbed the dish will have the desired casserole like consistency. I think for such dishes you need a tested recipe or be prepared to experiment.
pierino November 4, 2017
Yes, lots of liquid (water or broth) depending on what you are making which isn't clear. I would say six ounces of dried noodles would work with 32 oz of water. Add salt of course.
BerryBaby November 2, 2017
What are you making?
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