Any suggestions for using up leftover citrus peel?

It is sliced thinly, no pith. Would like to avoid just candying it.

Rachel Rappaport


boulangere March 1, 2011
That's brilliant, nishis!
nishis March 1, 2011
You can also use it to scent sugar or salt. Really work it in with your fingers to release the oils.
boulangere February 27, 2011
Here's to the martini idea and all who agree with it. And there's always the underwear drawer!
gt9 February 27, 2011
Or, if you are out of good ideas, just add to the compost bin.
Sam1148 February 27, 2011
Now I use a product called "True Lime" for the popcorn salt now. It's crystallized lime.
They also make citrus and lemon too. Great to carry with you for bottled water, or use with club soda.
ellenl February 27, 2011
see Jessica Tom's just-posted carrot/ clem. peel entry.
chef_ub February 27, 2011
I freeze it in individually labeled jars- just as it is. As I save new zest, I rotate the older by removing it from the jar, placing the new zest on the bottom, and replacing the older zest on top. Fresh is always best, but frozen is better than dried or none at all.
Rachel R. February 27, 2011
Fun answers, thanks! We are making marmelade so I have several cups of peel left.
amysarah February 27, 2011
I like the martini idea too...or if you have too much peel for just a couple of drinks, you could put several strips in a bottle of good (unflavored) vodka and let it sit for a while - a sort of homemade flavored vodka.
hardlikearmour February 27, 2011
I like Sam1148's answer!
Sam1148 February 27, 2011
I like drbabs answer.
drbabs February 27, 2011
Garnish a martini or two.

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Sam1148 February 27, 2011
Dry it. Put it in a very slow oven until dry. Then grind it.
You can mix with salt for a citrus salt for salads...or grind the salt in a coffee grinder and use for popcorn--works well with little garlic, paprika, ginger powder and white pepper.

Clean the coffee grinder by running a tablespoon of rice and grinding. Then washing.
hardlikearmour February 27, 2011
Oh, but candied is do delicious. You could dry it then add it to loose black or green tea, to make your own blend - maybe even throw some herbs or spices in (dried mint, cardamom, dried ginger come to mind.) Who knows, if you come up with something really lovely you could give it as gifts! You could also make marmalade.
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