How long does this pie last in the fridge?

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Bourbon Pumpkin Pie
Recipe question for: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie

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702551 November 10, 2017
While I have not made this particular recipe, I've made and consumed many pumpkin pies over the years and it would likely be at optimal quality the day it is baked.

The crust starts absorbing moisture from the filling, so after a day or so, it is noticeably more soggy but still okay. After all, the pumpkin pies at your local supermarket probably were not baked hours earlier.

After a couple of days, I find pumpkin pie to be decidely less appealing.

As always, it is your call on what quality level you want to put on your dinner table. I would not serve Thanksgiving dinner guests two-day old pumpkin pie. But some might feel fine with it.
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