Hi! I have some leftover white bread dough refrigerated overnight. It's taste is little bit yeasty. Can I mix some powdered sugar and make donuts?

Manisha Agrawal


Manisha A. November 13, 2017
Thanks everyone :-)
As I was in hurry, I made some pizza pockets filled it with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, some sauted veggies and some mayonnaise and it turned awesome.
702551 November 12, 2017
You could make pizzas out of it.
Nancy November 12, 2017
You could make pretzels out of them, then add a sweet toppinng (caramel, chocolate, whatever)
BerryBaby November 12, 2017
Good advice! Or sprinkle cinnamon and sugar for a tasty bread.
Emmie November 12, 2017
I wouldn't add sugar once it's already risen. What kind of dough is it? You could probably bake it as little rolls.
Manisha A. November 12, 2017
Ok.. thanks :-)
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