Can I use cake improving gel instead of GMS (Glycerol monostearate)

Hey! I have cake improving gel. A recipe calls for GMS (Glycerol monostearate). Can I use cake improving gel instead of it? A cake improving gel has [water, emulsifiers (INS 471, 477, 470), Humectants (INS 1520, 422)].
Recipe link below

Also tell me how to use it in recipe.

Manisha Agrawal


kim December 19, 2017
The ingredient is optional, and I would leave it out. I make scratch cakes quite a bit, and have never used an additive. You really don't need it.
creamtea November 15, 2017
I don't think all these additives are necessary. A home baked cake with natural ingredients is really more desirable than a boxed cake. This website makes it sound as if no one ever baked a delicious cake before as if boxed cakes are the ne plus ultra. Not true. People only buy boxed cakes or mixes because they lack the time or skills necessary to bake their own. Leave these things out and you'll have a higher quality product.
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