Can I substitute Guinness Beer for the water in a cake mix?

I want to make milk chocolate cake mix, using the beer instead of the water. Is this doable?

Laura Beam


boulangere March 17, 2015
Yes. But know that beer is obviously more acidic than water. For every ounces of acidic ingredient, add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the acids.
Matt S. March 19, 2015
do you think the addition of the baking soda to the already bubbly beer would result in too much air incorporated into the cake? just wanted your thoughts
boulangere March 19, 2015
Sorry to be so long responding, Matt Sloan. Loooong day at work. No. You'll be fine. I make a chocolate cake made with Stout, and the outcome is divine.
ChefJune March 16, 2015
Why don't you try it and then tell us how it worked out?
aargersi March 16, 2015
I think so! Look at Arielle Clementine's The Snakebite cake - that uses Guinness. (Or just make her cake)
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