how far in advance can I blind-bake my pie crust?

How far in advance can I blind bake my pie crust without sacrificing flavor and flakiness? 24 hours? more even?

Stacy Isabel


Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2017
Pastry chef Shuna Lydon recommends lining, blind-baking, and freezing your pie crusts, that way you could go ahead and do it now! She has more tips for advance prep here:
Stacy I. November 21, 2017
should have mentioned - I'm starting with frozen pie dough.. I definitely don't think I should thaw, bake, refreeze....
AntoniaJames November 21, 2017
Stacy, that shouldn't be a problem! There are no food safety or internal structure/texture issues doing this with pastry dough. I have done it before with no problems whatsoever. (When I make pie crusts, I always do at least 4 at a time, so the majority of my crusts started out with once-frozen dough.) ;o)
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