My choc chip cookies are extremely runny. Its thanksgiving tom. HELP

I even had someone make them. What is best recipe? We used nestle recipe.

Beth Anne Cernoch-McKinney


Matti N. November 23, 2017
If you've already baked them, and their simply flat, go get some good vanilla ice cream and make ice cream sandwiches with them.
Nancy November 22, 2017
If the batter is too runny/the raw dough spreads too much on a baking sheet, try one or both:
• chill batter a few hours in fridge or freezer, portion, bake
• bake the runny dough in cupcake pan, to better hold a round shape.
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
Is the issue that the dough is runny before you bake it, that the cookies are spreading too much when you bake them, or that they're not setting after you bake them?
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