Butternut squash yam soufflé-ish recipe w/o milk?

Hi guys! First time posting here :) I want to lighten up the yam casserole by adding butternut squash and making it fluffy. I don't want to use milk and I won't be adding any sugar to it either. I'm confident in the flavoring department but could use some help with ratios with the main components: squash/yams, eggs and butter. And also if you have a certain temp you'd recommend baking it at. Thanks much!!



Merrill S. November 25, 2014
I don't think you need to add flour.
Merrill S. November 25, 2014
And I'd go with 350 degrees F!
LysiaLoves November 25, 2014
Oh and also, some recipes call for a small amount of flour. Thoughts? Thanks!
Merrill S. November 25, 2014
The proportions in this recipe might be helpful: https://food52.com/recipes/1571-sweet-potato-leek-ricotta-souffle (And if it were me, I'd use half yams, half squash.)
LysiaLoves November 25, 2014
Thanks for the reply! That recipe looks lovely but it has a cup of ricotta. Do you think omitting it and just using the eggs would still make it light and fluffy or should I increase the eggs?
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