Can a boneless turkey roast be used to make turkey roulade?

I made a mistake when shopping and bought a boneless turkey roast with white and dark meat (3 lbs), instead of a boneless turkey breast, to make s turkey roulade for Thanksgiving. I have one day to correct this if the turkey roast won't work. Please help!

Heather Seiler


max J. November 25, 2015
defrost the bird, lay flat and dry, spread the cut meat side with butter, season. Make enough stuffing so when tide it look like a bloomer not a baguette. This is a good basic stuffing.
Kenzi W. November 24, 2015
Is this the kind of roulade you're going for? What's the shape of your boneless roast? I'm assuming it's tied?
Heather S. November 24, 2015
Yes that's the type of roulade. It's a Butterball 3lb turkey roast that's basically oval shaped and I'm assuming that it's tied, it's currently frozen solid.
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