Ideal Malt for bread making

Hello everyone!
Today I contacted a beer maker. I contacted him to buy some malt for bread making. He has different types of malt. These are:-
peated malt,
blonde malt,
vienna malt,
german wheat malt,
pale ale malt,
munich malt,
pilsner malt

I don't know which is ideal for bread making. Please help in selection of malt.

Manisha Agrawal


Manisha A. November 23, 2017
Thanks for your help :-)
Valerio F. November 23, 2017
Great question! I just threw this question to my uncle Peter who has worked in the beer business for 30+ years. He recommends vienna because it has some color and caramelization so it will add a nice extra level of flavor.
Manisha A. November 23, 2017
Thanks Valerio! Could you please ask your uncle that beer makers keep diastatic malt or non diastatic. I know I'm asking a silly question but I want to clear my doubts :-)
Valerio F. November 23, 2017
Most grain used at breweries are diastatic, meaning they have been germinated which is good for brewers. He says he's not sure which is better for bread making, but says brewers lean towards diastatic malt.
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