.@food52 foodpickle can you help? mt @imjasondiamond Tomorrow is "Romantic mac n' cheese night" btwn me and my gf. Any recipe suggestions?



Nora March 1, 2011
I should have specified: dark chocolate. Maybe with dried cherries in it.
Nora March 1, 2011
Champagne, more champagne, feeding each other the mac and cheese, more champagne and chocolate.
gt9 March 1, 2011
Nothing like lobster mac and cheese...she will never forget you!
pierino March 1, 2011
Lobster mac and cheese with truffle oil would be romantic. Warning, you'll have to kill the lobster yourself or have gf do it for you.
Summer O. March 1, 2011
Yes! Use the one Merrill posted a few months back. Delicious! http://www.food52.com/recipes/7637_pasta_al_forno_with_pumpkin_and_pancetta
oliveannie March 1, 2011
I would use a standard mac and cheese recipe and fold in some tangy blue cheese and crispy bacon to taste. Serve along side a salad with apples, toasted or candied nuts of some sort and a citrus-y vinaigrette to lighten things up. Red wine.
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