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I love to make mac and cheese at home, but every time I do it on the stove top, it comes out sticky but not creamy. I tried varying quantities, but it hasn't helped fix the problem. I am now trying to recreate one type that I had at a restaurant recently. It had four cheeses and was cooked in the oven in a mini-skillet at the end of the recipe with a little extra cheese and bread crumbs on top. Can anyone suggest a recipe (doesn't have to be four cheese) or a solution to the stickiness problem? Thank you!

  • Posted by: Sjcorcor
  • September 8, 2014


Pegeen September 8, 2014
I second Amysarah's tip, to make a bechamel first. Along with the recipe Monita recommends, here's another classic from Martha Stewart but without the squash:
mt G. September 8, 2014
Check out the recipe on for the Mac and Cheese from Robert Redford's Zoom restaurant

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amysarah September 8, 2014
When you say 'sticky but not creamy' I wonder - are you making a bechamel base (creamy white sauce,) then stirring/melting the cheese into that, followed by the semi cooked macaroni, or just adding the cheese directly to the noodles? That could be it. I usually do it on the stove top, with a bechamel base and various combinations of cheeses, then transfer to the oven in a gratin dish - often with buttered crumbs on top. I use more sauce than seems necessary, as some absorbs into the pasta as it finishes in the oven. Creamy, not sticky that way.
Monita September 8, 2014
I really like this recipe from Martha Stewart Living that incorporates butternut squash into a traditional mac and cheese recipe|/274703/macaroni-and-cheese-recipes/@center/854190/comfort-food-recipes|337716
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