Cheese sauce too onion-y. Help!

Making Alton Brown's mac and cheese for Thanksgiving - decided to boil pasta and make bechamel cheese sauce the night before, and store them separately before mixing immediately tomorrow before baking in a casserole. Slight problem upon tasting the sauce at midnight - it is way too onion-y. Strained the sauce of chopped onions in a last ditch attempt, as I know onions grow stronger as they sit. Is there any way I can salvage?

  • Posted by: Matt
  • November 24, 2016


Susan W. November 24, 2016
I don't have a magic cure, but maybe someone will. If not, just make a batch of became with no onions. You can add a little of the oniony batch if you'd like some onion flavor.
Matt November 24, 2016
Thanks! Good idea! Wish there was a quick fix, but slowly resigning myself to waking up earlier tomorrow to make another bechamel if I have to. (The only problem is that I am out of Monterrey Jack and Extra Sharp Cheddar, with only leftover regular sharp cheddar as a backup...). A friend I've been talking to during my midnight meltdown says it's possible my senses are overwhelmed by undercooked onion at this point, and the sauce could end up fine tomorrow because I strained said undercooked onion. A lesson to always read the comments on online recipes (turns out other people have had similar onion nightmares!)
Susan W. November 24, 2016
Hopefully, it will taste normal after a good night's sleep. If not, stores are open tomorrow at least here on the west coast. Good luck. :)
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