recipes using yeast but without oven

Hi everyone! I need some recipes using yeast but no oven recipe.. as my oven is not working :-( planning to buy new but till then recipes without oven

Manisha Agrawal


foofaraw December 8, 2017
Rice cooker bread or written recipe on
creamtea December 8, 2017
yeasted (Belgian) waffles.
Maedl December 8, 2017
Liz D. December 8, 2017
English muffins
HalfPint December 8, 2017
Vietnamese steamed "Cow" cake (Banh Bo Hap)

These are a favorite from childhood. Yeasty, slightly chewy with a mild sweetness.
Nancy December 8, 2017
1) pancakes made with yeast instead of baking powder (can be made thick or thin, used as base for sweet or savory toppings)
2) pita or other flat bread, fried in cast iron or other heavy duty frypan
Nancy December 8, 2017
Naan bread
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