Darned oven! Problem w/ timing on baked goods. Prior to buying new oven, should I increase temp or cooking time as general rule?

  • Posted by: AEC
  • April 26, 2011


lovesitc April 26, 2011
Yes again to the cheap oven thermometer. My current apartment oven is off by 50 degrees! Makes a big difference when using the oven. I think I got mine for about 3.99 at kmart.
Sam1148 April 26, 2011
Another factor to consider is your cookware. Is it glass, metal, well used metal with black finish, nonstick teflon, or shiny metal.

Glass takes a bit longer, dark metal is quicker, thin foil pans quicker still.
healthierkitchen April 26, 2011
Also, don't put the oven thermometer right at the front of the oven, but rather, a little farther back in to get a more accurate reading.
AEC April 26, 2011
{Forehead slap} Of course! Thanks, all.
mrslarkin April 26, 2011
Buy an oven thermometer. My oven runs very cool so I have to crank it up. I'd like a new oven too, but an oven thermometer is a bit more economical. :)
ChefJune April 26, 2011
Get an oven thermometer! Even in the best and fanciest ovens the temp is not always "correct." With the oven thermometer, you can know for sure.
hardlikearmour April 26, 2011
Oven thermometer for sure - my oven runs about 10 degrees hot, and it's only a few years old. Even when you get a new oven you should have a thermometer for it!
Ophelia April 26, 2011
Get an oven thermometer (they run about $8) and see if it's running too cool, which it probably is because most ovens aren't calibrated right, every one I've used has been 25-75 degrees off what it said it was.
boulangere April 26, 2011
Buy yourself an inexpensive oven thermometer. Put it in the oven, set the oven to a given temperature, say 350, let the oven heat fully, and wait a good half hour or so until you check the thermometer. If it registers above 350, you oven temp cooler by whatever the difference is. If it is under 350, set higher my the difference. That's probably more reliable than trying to vector in on cooking time.
Blissful B. April 26, 2011
Do you have an oven thermometer? If not, buy one - they don't cost very much. Then you'll know what temperature the oven actually is (as opposed to what the setting says) & bake things at intended time & temp.
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