If I use puff pastries to make a pot pie can I blind bake the pie before I use it and put it in the freezer and cook it or will it be soggy

I'm making pot pies I usually just put the puff pastry on top but I'm going to put it on the bottom so if I pre-bake the crust on the bottom or do I not bake it blind bake it which way will be soggy do I do bake pre-bake or not bake for the if cuz I'm going to freeze them

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1 Comment

Cookin' K. December 16, 2017
I've never felt the need to blind bake puff pastry when I use it for pot pie, and it's been fine. I totally understand the worry about sogginess, but pot pie ingredients are pretty 'wet', so any crispness/flakiness would disappear, thus it'd be just an extra step. That said, I recommend not putting the filling into the dish until right before putting it in the (fully preheated) oven. That way the pastry will heat up fast and not allow too much liquid in. Hope this helps!
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