Freezing grilled or roasted asparagus

It's asparagus season here in NZ so I'm pretty much in a state of bliss. I know you can freeze blanched/steamed asparagus but is it practicable to freeze grilled/roasted asparagus? I want to prepare a heap ahead of time for a catering gig in Feb and by then the asparagus season will be dead...

Robert Hickey


Robert H. December 20, 2017
I only tend to pop in here if I have a specific question and when I get genuinely helpful advice I like to acknowledge it. I remember my parents blanching and freezing asparagus in the 80s and the results were far from pleasant... This experiment has proved to be much more acceptable - but let's see what can happen with a couple of months of freezing...!
Robert H. December 20, 2017
Thank you for the responses. I experimented with this and grilled the seasoned/oiled asparagus in a stove-top ridged pan, allowed it to cool, then froze it for four days before resurrecting it for use in simple asparagus rolls with a lemon mayo. It worked out fine - much more satisfactory than the mushy tinned product. I'm now buying vast amounts of asparagus and repeating the process over and over again in preparation for the mini high-teas I'll be making as part of the Napier (NZ) Art Deco Festival this Feb.
Nancy December 20, 2017
Robert - glad it worked out better than we expected. Nancy
702551 December 20, 2017
First of all, I am pleased that you actually followed up with your results.

95% of Food52 forum posters don't actually come back with their results. This includes Food52 staffers over years.

Not surprised to see your cooked/frozen items outperform tinned goods, but then I again, I didn't know this was what you were going against.

Anyhow, best of luck with your project, hope you find stable freezing conditions and ample room for all of your precooked/prepped items.
Nancy December 17, 2017
Similar reaction.
I fear that freezing grilled/roasted asparagus would result in loosing that combination of crispness and the caramelization from the grill.
You might conduct an experiment with a small amount this year, and - if positive - use the results next year (late 2018 season for Feb 2019).
But if it were me, I wouldn't count on the grilled-then-frozen asparagus for the Feb 2018 event.
702551 December 17, 2017
It is possible to freeze grilled/roasted asparagus but I feel that the texture suffers once they are defrosted. They are still acceptable to me to include in a sack lunch, but I'd be very hesitant to serve these to important dinner guests.

I suggest you freeze a few spears and try them out yourself. I don't know what your personal quality levels are, in the end it'll be your decision anyhow.

Best of luck.
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