Tips for roasting veg ahead of time?

Making a roasted veggie platter for Christmas, and
Wanttodoasmuxgas pods ahead of time, so that I can serve room temp on christmas day. Worried most about zucchini and asparagus- will they hold up if I do ahead?



SallyBroff December 20, 2011
I wouldn't roast zucchini at all-it gets too soggy. Roasting works best with vegetables that don't release a lot of water while they cook- otherwise they don't brown well.
SKK December 19, 2011
I love this - I was just getting ready to google 'Wanttodoasmuxgas pods'. Yes, roast your vegetables ahead of time and then reheat. I don't recommend reheating in the microwave they will get too sogy. And I recommend being sure that the roasted vegetables are completely cool before wrapping them and refrigeration or they will collect moisture.

Bigpan has great recommendations for fresh vegetables, but blanching won't work for roasted.

jgswanson December 20, 2011
Good call on the post-roast chill. I think the carrots and onions will be fine, but the asparagus and zucchini are so delicate. Room temp and careful wrapping should help.
bigpan December 19, 2011
Blanch, then an ice bath. When you need to serve just reheat in a sauté with butter (of course) and serve.
jgswanson December 19, 2011
Lord. Auto correct strokes again. That's "make as much as possible ahead of time".
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