Why do my muffins always stick to the paper liners??

I can't win with muffins! I always want to make them healthy by omitting oil (replaced with applesauce) or something similar. However, they always stick to the paper! Any tips or tricks?? I can spray the muffin pan directly, but its such a pain to clean.



ChefDaddy March 2, 2011
When it comes to baking I spray non-stick on my parchment as well as liners and everthing else that comes into contact with the finished product. Nothing can ruin a finished product worse than a sticking problem. Good luck!
MichelleMags March 2, 2011
I don't typically use liners. Just spray the muffin tins with oil and you should be good to go!
drbabs March 2, 2011
The thread that susan g sent you has some great ideas, but I also think the problem is that you're using applesauce instead of fat in your muffins. Applesauce makes the muffins really sticky, and the acid sometimes does weird things to the crumb. basically all the solutions tell you you need to add fat in some form, but you could try parchment, waxed or foil liners and see if that helps.
susan G. March 2, 2011
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