Recommended appetizers for a wine tasting?

We've joined a wine tasting club. This Sunday we're doing a comparison tasting (same grape) of 3 whites and 3 reds. I've been asked to bring an appetizer, and the recommendations were crackers and cheese or mixed nuts. Can anyone recommend something a little more interesting to nibble at a wine tasting?

  • Posted by: MissyM
  • September 23, 2011


ChefJune September 26, 2011
the reason for suggesting crackers, cheeses or nuts is because they are least likely to get in the way of tasting the wines. Which is the focus of the evening, no?

"Interesting" hors d'oeuvres are likely to upstage the wine at best, and affect the taste of the wines at worst, unless you are doing a pairing with a specific wine of the evening.
MissyM September 26, 2011
Thank you everyone! I made the pancetta crisps, and they were delicious! They all disappeared, so I know people liked them! Thank you, sexyLAMBCHOPx. Thanks for all the great suggestions, we meet every month, so I will be giving more of these a try!
BadgerBri September 25, 2011
I have made these yummy goat cheese toasts before -

The spread can be made ahead of time! This appetizer would pair well with white wines.
healthierkitchen September 24, 2011
Sounds like fun! I think these would be perfect:
wssmom September 24, 2011
the pancetta crisps and the spinach pinwheels are awesome, and helen's chicken bundles sound yummy, too. You could also do some kind of fritatta, which is easy and portable. If you get ambitious, you could even make your own crackers, such as these:,
or mrslarkins Piadina:

Helen's A. September 24, 2011
Chicken proscuitto sage bundles! Cut chicken breast into bite sized pieces. Wrap in a bit of proscuitto then a large sage leaf, secure w/ tooth pick. Brown in a large saucepan in a bit of butter & olive oil over medium heat. Cook until browned & the chicken is cooked through. They're good hot or at room temperature. In the unlikely event that you have any left over, remove tooth picks & toss with some pasta...
sdebrango September 23, 2011
How about these they look fabulous:
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 23, 2011
This is my go to fall appetizer for get togethers from epicurious- I love it!
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