the recipe asks for 1/2 lb of that correct becuase it says the recipe serves 8?

  • Posted by: Flavia
  • December 19, 2017


702551 December 19, 2017
It seems okay to me. This appears to be one of those peasant cuisine recipes that are meant to stretch the scraps of an expensive premium ingredient (meat) when the quantity available isn't enough to make a meal for several diners.

This chili recipe is mostly about legumes, tomatoes, onions, and liquid. The meat is more of a flavoring agent not the focal point of the dish. Traditional cuisines all over the world do this.

Raviolis and dumplings are a similar way of using up a small amount of a premium ingredient. So are most traditional soups and stews.
Nancy December 20, 2017
Same here.
Other recipes for this dish (ghoogni, ghugni etc) also have about 8 oz or half lb lamb.
One had more...where mutton/lamb was a prominent ingredient, not just a flavoring.
So, you could either make it as written here, or add more lamb, if that fits better for your dinner and your guests.
Nancy December 20, 2017
PS Maybe it's the recipe name that is misleading, raising expectations this would be a lamb-centered dish.. In it's Bengali/Kolkata home it's known mainly as a legume dish.
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