Bisque in slowcooker

Hi all,

I'm making crab bisque tonight for a work party tomorrow. Can I cook it on the stove tonight, then put it in my slow cooker on low or warm overnight?

I would keep it on warm all day at work, or should I keep it on low?


  • Posted by: Lisa
  • December 20, 2017


Lisa December 20, 2017
Okay, thank you so much!!!
Lisa December 20, 2017
I only have high or low, low okay and heat it until lunchtime?

As crazy as this might be, what if I prep the ingredients tonight (saute the ingredients ahead of time), but actually cook the bisque early tomorrow morning? That way it's shelf stable in the car and I can just keep it on low or warm at work?

Thank you so much for your help!!
ChefJune December 20, 2017
It actually isn't shelf stable in your car going to work unless you can maintain that 145 degree temperature (or higher) throughout the trip. As well, unless you are serving the bisque immediately when you get there, you will risk overcooking it if you try to keep it at that temperature until ready for service.
Much better to cook it tonight and chill thoroughly overnight, then transport it cold, keeping it cold on your trip, and refrigerating it until time to serve.
Shellfish is especially fragile food when it comes to causing food poisoning. I once got fp from crab meat that had sat out too long, and I can tell you for sure it was no fun!!!
ChefJune December 20, 2017
Absolutely refrigerate it tonight! Otherwise you risk giving everyone food poisoning. Tomorrow, keep it refrigerated until time to heat and serve from your slow cooker.
Lisa December 20, 2017
Thank you!! So cool properly, refrigerate, travel to work with it still cold in slow cooker, then heat it up there? High?

Thank you!!!
ChefJune December 20, 2017
I'd probably heat it for a little longer on Medium. High might make it curdle.
BTW, I wouldn't transport it in the slow cooker unless you can store it in the fridge until you are ready to reheat.
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