Holiday Dinner

I love making Christmas dinner and so look forward to all year long. I make a rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, apple cranberry chutney. Dessert is assorted traditional holiday cookies. Do you have a traditional meal that you make every year? Whichever holiday you observe I hope it is happy, healthy and delicious!



BerryBaby December 23, 2017
Ventured out to buy the roast today. May have waited a few days too long. The smallest rib roast I could find a bit over 8 lbs. this is for four people. It is beautiful with just the right amount of fat and marbling. Everyone will enjoy leftovers! Had the butcher remove and tie the bones. Happy cooking, everyone!
louisez December 22, 2017
We'll be having a newly traditional meal, given the vegans and vegetarians among us: salad with corn, lady peas, tomatoes, and strawberries; cauliflower pot roast; manicotti; rolls and breads; citrus sorbet; gingerbread (vegan and not); Christmas cookies; vegan peanut butter cups.
Merry Christmas to all
PHIL December 21, 2017
Thanks BB, the feeling is mutual
AntoniaJames December 21, 2017
We have an immutable tradition which comes by way of my husband's family, which is always to have Brunswick stew on Christmas Eve. I have no idea how that became a tradition in their family, but it's one I honor. Of course, I've been tweaking it relentlessly over the years, primarily to create a base recipe that can be divided, with one half adapted so as not to include lima beans and corn (2 family members' favorite thing about the dish). Plus I've improved it quite a bit, if I may say so.

Dinner Christmas Day always follows a hike up and over a local mountain (Mt. Tamalpais) unless it is raining hard. The dinner menu varies from year to year - no hard and fast rules or expectations, except that Mother gets to prepare and serve whatever Mother wishes. (As the old saying goes, "Ain't nobody happy if Mama ain't happy.") Most of the meal I make ahead -- and I always make a special dessert. ;o)
MMH December 21, 2017
We go to San Francisco frequently. When my daughter was 5 we went for Christmas and had clam chowder in a bread bowl. She thought that was divine. Every year on Christmas Eve we make clam chowder in a bread bowl. She is 17 now.
BerryBaby December 21, 2017
We had former neighbors that made Clam Chowder on Christmas Eve. I make Minestrone with a crusty, hot bread. Soup or chowder seem like a great Christmas Eve tradition.
PHIL December 21, 2017
Hi BB, it's actually the one holiday I don't cook! My dad makes the rib roast like you. Antipasto to start and of course there is some ravioli with filetto de pomodoro sauce. Have a Merry Christmas!
BerryBaby December 21, 2017
Thank you, Phil! Enjoy reading your posts, happy you are here!
Hope you have a very
Merry Christmas🎄! BB
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