how do you make a nice Christmas pudding?



aussiefoodie December 19, 2010
There are many good recipes out there - but most of them require you to marinate the fruit for several weeks, and then you can use either a pudding basin or cloth to boil the pudding for many hours and then dry the pudding and store for several weeks before reheating on the day of serving. I'd recommend starting a Christmas pudding in November.
casa-giardino December 19, 2010
Chestnut and Apple Pudding
pauljoseph December 18, 2010
nutcakes December 18, 2010
Hi there. If you are looking for recipes it is best to use recipe databases. Foodpickle is good for last minute cooking questions and emergencies when you need a quick answer. Foodpickle is U.S. based and most members are in the U.S. (but there are certainly U.K. members), many of us aren't familiar with some U.K. specialties. Many Christmas puddings need to be made weeks or months in advance, but I found this nice sounding one:
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