Attempted to make a no bake mango cheesecake tonight. The gelatin had gone lumpy and started to solidify. I added it to the mixture anyway. Is there any chance that it will set? What can I do with it if it doesn't set? Has anyone frozen one?



Nancy December 24, 2017
Melissa - If the frozen mango cheesecake tastes ok but looks funny (or less than idea), rename it and serve some way to make a better appearance....for example, individiual parfait servings in tall glasses or glass bowls, with one or more layered toppings:
* sauce (chocolate or other compatible flavor)
* more cream - ice cream or whipped cream
* more fruit - especially tropical, to emphasize mango origins
* crunchy contrast - roasted or chopped nuts, chocolate bark caramel or peanut butter brittle
* drizzle (or more to taste) of compatible liqueur or brandy.
Your choice. Hope it works out beautifully!
Nancy December 24, 2017
should have read: less than ideal
Jacob K. December 23, 2017
Even if it's a little lumpy, when you mixed it into the mixture it should be OK to set the cheesecake. I would probably take it out a little bit before you are going to serve it. If it doesn't look good, then freeze it, then just pre-slice it.
Joanna S. December 23, 2017
Hopefully the gelatin will set for you, but if it doesn't, freezing the cake is a good backup, as long as you're okay with something more along the lines of ice cream cake. Hope it works!
Melissa December 23, 2017
Thank you for the reply Joanna! It's looking ok this morning. Hopefully it stays together when I take it out of the pan tonight.
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