Anyone have the bernaise recipe from 1960s Flavor of France cookbook?

We’ve made this bernaise recipe every Christmas Eve for decades. We’re celebrating at our new house and my mom forgot the book! I haven’t been able to find it online, any cookbook collectors happen to have The Flavor of France cookbook and can look it up and share it? Please save Christmas!

  • Posted by: Carlie
  • December 23, 2017


pierino December 23, 2017
Waverly Root's FOOD OF FRANCE (1958) doesn't provide a recipe of sauce béarnaise, although he does point out that it's not actually from Bearne but from the ile de France. Here is the Escoffiier version. Hopefully you can see the entire recipe here.
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BerryBaby December 23, 2017
Don't have that one but do use one from Julia Child. I'm sure that is's from 1970's.
Joanna S. December 23, 2017
We don't have that exact recipe, but here's an article on how to make bernaise without a recipe!
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