Just got home from a trip to New Mexico. We loved Christmas with everything. I am looking for some cookbook recommendations and/or recipes here.

  • Posted by: Nora
  • September 22, 2019


Gammy September 22, 2019
I love Southwestern dishes too, and have been to Santa Fe a couple of times... a very special place. Too late now, but there are several shops around the square that sell southwestern spices and chilis that I am sure would have a selection of cook books for that area. Maybe if you were to Google kitchen stores / Santa Fe or Albuquerque there would be a shop that does mail order. You may also want to check out Etsy or Ebay for local women's or church group cook books from that area. I love locally sourced cook books with recipes written by folks that actually live there.
Nora September 22, 2019
I love the idea of local cookbooks. Thanks!
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