Roasting an EIGHT pound chicken

So our CSA supplies us with fabulous organic chfood ckens every week. But the size can vary a bit. And this week we got an EIGHT pound chicken and I was sondering if my technique should change at all for it?

I usually roast a pair of spatchcocked 4 to 5 pound birds on a very high heat — -about 475. (I do this because they’re relatively lean birds with very fatty skin. The high heat seems to render the fat the most thoroughly.)


  • Posted by: Peter
  • December 23, 2017


Nancy December 24, 2017
Peter - see chowhound for thread of a few people who had similar godziĺla chicken. One yes treated it like turkey.
Jacob K. December 23, 2017
Normally the technique won't change, just the cooking time. You should be fine to cook it on high heat, but as you probably know, just watch it, because I would assume you don't want unintentional blackened chicken. I would probably still cook it on high, then lower it, for full cooking.
Peter December 23, 2017
Thanks but with a bird that big I would think it needs a longer time and therefore either I’ll blacken the skin or dry out the outer meat. I was hoping someone had cooked a bird this big before? Or should I pretend it’s a small turkey?
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