Spatchcocked + Braise-Roasted Turkey

I want to make Cristina Sciarra's Spatchcocked + Braise-Roasted Turkey but my bird is 20 pounds. How can I translate her 13-pound recipe to 20 pounds?

  • Posted by: mohagan
  • November 22, 2017


Matti N. November 23, 2017
And use a meat thermometer. I like this one, 'cuz I can carry it around and keep an eye on the bird:
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
You can use about 10 minutes per pound for the recipe, so about 3 hours and 20 minutes.
AntoniaJames November 24, 2017
May I respectfully suggest that 10 min per pound may be much more than you need? Start checking early -- at 4-5 minutes per pound. From an excellent Food Lab piece: and the comments to it, and my own experience yesterday with this recipe, the breast should be 150 and the thighs at least 165. The thighs are likely to be more than 165 degrees when the breast is at 150. Kenji cautions that if the breast is higher than 150, it will be dry. I took mine out when the breast was at 150; the thighs were at 180, but the meat was still moist and tender. I rested it for an hour and the turkey was perfect.
It was in the hot oven for just over an hour, or a bit more than 5 minutes per pound. I posted more comments on the recipe. ;o)
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