Why would i buy pearled quinoa over whole quinoa? any benefits for cooking?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Bevi March 2, 2011
If you are near a Fairway Market, you can find it there.
Kristen M. March 2, 2011
Pearl, golden, and white seem to be fairly interchangeable terms, referring to any light-colored variety of quinoa. However, I've noticed that pearl quinoa tends to have a shorter cooking time than darker varieties. Alter-Eco's pearl takes 15 minutes, while the red and black take 20. http://www.altereco-usa.com
susan G. March 2, 2011
Quinoa in its natural state has a 'soapy' layer on it, and we're advised to wash it well. Could 'pearled' mean that it doesn't have that?
Blissful B. March 2, 2011
My understanding is that pearl quinoa isn't pearled. It's just another name for the white variety of quinoa. It's still a whole grain & cooks the same as all quinoa.
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