Will quinoa soften when baked?

I made a recipe for whole-wheat quinoa bread. The recipe said to grind quinoa into a flour, then use it in place of some of the flour. My food processor wouldn't grind the quinoa into a flour, and now I think I should have just bought quinoa flour at the store. I already made the dough, and it is behaving well (rising, etc). Will this bread be disgusting, or will the quinoa soften a little when baked? Should I throw the dough out now?



minibakersupreme August 29, 2012
Susan, I totally forgot I had a spice grinder until I put the quinoa in the bread. Silly me. Next time I'll remember!
Lindsay-Jean H. August 29, 2012
So glad it was tasty!
susan G. August 28, 2012
I grind small amounts of grain to near flour fineness with an electric coffee grinder, also used for flax seeds and spices -- not coffee.
susan G. August 28, 2012
Great example of serendipity!
minibakersupreme August 28, 2012
After seeing that the bread was rising normally, I shaped, proofed, and baked as usual. It turned out great! The quinoa added a nutty crunch to the bread. It looked like a whole-grain loaf, smelled like peanut butter, and tasted fantastic. There wasn't even a noticeable change to the crumb. Overall I was pleased- and so were my recipients! I forgot to take a picture, or I would post one.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 28, 2012
It seems like every recipe I've seen for bread using straight-up quinoa calls for cooking the quinoa first...but I hope you didn't throw out the dough. Kitchen experiments are fun! Hope you had a happy accident - how'd it turn out?
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