I need to cook for a couple who are vegetarian (eats fish) and gluten-free, respectively. I'm tired of always making them fish and veggies/sa

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  • February 25, 2012


susan G. February 25, 2012
Look at the vegetarian chilis on the site (recent contest, for example); dal and other Indian dishes with rice and yogurt raita (assuming dairy is OK); quinoa as salad, pilaf, etc. Don't get hung up on the isue of protein! Most people do very well with a simple lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, and many studies have shown we tend to be healthier. I mostly avoid meat analogs. Fiber, flavor, good nutrition are all found in vegetarian meals if you remember to include a good variety of real foods, both raw and cooked.
amycancook February 25, 2012
Pad Thai with shrimp! Cook's illustrated has a fantastic, simple recipe in their International Recipe cookbook (or google "cooks illustrated pad thai" to find blogger versions on-line) I made it last night - a keeper for sure!
SeaJambon February 25, 2012
I had this same mix over the holidays, so made a white lasagna with smoked salmon and spinach and used rice noodles from a local Asian market (actually, rice won ton wrappers). When a 15-year old boy (nephew) looks up from what he's eating and out of the blue says "This is really good", you know you have a hit.
Panfusine February 25, 2012
A lot of Indian Recipes would work, Do check out pauljoseph's recipes on this site. All my recipes are vegetarian as well..
sdunleavy February 25, 2012
I'm a big fan of veggi lasagna or even the meat alternative lasagna. They sell the ground "beef" pieces in the vegetarian section of your grocer. They also have gluten free lasagna shells! Super easy and rustic!
sarah K. February 25, 2012
Fritatta, or brunchy things like coddled eggs with grilled asparagus and hollandaise. Baba ghanoush with bias sliced cucumbers and carrots, and maybe some hummus too. Ooh, and falafel, with tzatziki and large lettuce leaves to wrap them in. You can even make tabbouli without the bulgur, or you could substitute quinoa. Beans and rice with sauteed greens. Clam chowder and wheat free cornbread? Sushi salad, with rice, avocado, cucumber, adzuki beans, crumbled nori, wasabi dressing. Paksiw (Philippine fish and vinegar soup, really yummy) and salad.

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sfmiller February 25, 2012
Fish or shrimp tacos with corn tortillas (grill the protein or deep-fry in a rice-flour batter)? Vegetable curry (Indian or Thai--many possibiliites) with rice? Pad thai or some other rice noodle dish? Paella or jambalaya with seafood (minus sausage)? Risotto with shrimp or fish? Shrimp and grits (minus sausage)? Polenta with sauteed greens with garlic & anchovy or with shrimp?
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