How does one make a 'flourless chocolate cake' at elevation?

Since one of the 'tricks' of adjusting a recipe for elevation is to add flour....



Miss_Karen January 11, 2018
Antonia James:
If you move to Colorado/ Boulder etc a small note on the Meyer Lemon Budino- you will need to reduce the sugar by about 2 tsp. We will be neighbors too! :)
Miss_Karen January 4, 2018
I live @6035 elev. (Colorado Springs) 'Pie in the Sky' cookbook is a good reference. Ditto on the KAF. Many have suggested the local chamber of commerce.
AntoniaJames January 5, 2018
Thank you, Miss Karen and Jenny Hume. Don't you just love the name, "Pie in the Sky"? ;o)

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Jenny H. January 4, 2018
Kung Arthur Flour website has a useful guide to adapting baking recipes at higher altitudes. I also like a book called "Pie in the Sky".
boulangere January 4, 2018
Back awaaaaaaaay from the flour, @Miss Karen! Regardless of your elevation, the only adjustment you need make to this type of cake is to not beat your egg-sugar mixture to a “ribbon,” as most recipes instruct. Beat them until thick, certainly, it stop the mixer now and then to be sure they are only nicely thickened, and not doubled in volume. This prevents you from beating in so much air that the cake rises too quickly in the oven because of your elevation. Also, reduce the oven heat by 25 degrees. I hope this helps you.
AntoniaJames January 4, 2018
Thanks so much for this helpful advice, Cynthia. So nice to have not just the "what," but the "why". Can you recommend a good source of information on how to adapt recipes, for baked goods and anything else affected, made at higher elevations? (I'm about to embark on an adventure where I'll be at 6,000+ feet, indefinitely.) Many thanks. ;o)
boulangere January 5, 2018
@antoniajames, I wrote High Altitude section of the Bakers Dozen Cookbook. It contains a useful chart of adjustments, along with explanations. Happy New Year!
AntoniaJames January 5, 2018
Cynthia, thank you! I'll have to run that down. Wishing you all good things. ;o)
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