reformulating a cake recipe to make it flourless

ikea has a flourless almond cake which i've never had but will make next week. i hope to b able to offer it during the flourless week of passover. i have 2 choc flourless cakes to offer. one uses ground hazelnuts and the other uses several egg whites beaten and folded quickly to stay afloat. the cake i want to make flourless has the following ingredients -- flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, EVOO, butter, almond paste, lemon peel, eggs, limoncello. the 4 eggs are simply beaten in 1 at a time. i'm hoping i can separate the eggs and get elevation from the eggs whites. i think it's worth a try. wondering if anyone has any thoughts on flourless cakes. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • March 17, 2022


alan April 6, 2022
i have a walnut cake that i want to make flourless. it has 1 cup of AP and only 1 egg. i think if i use 2 eggs separated, whipping the whites will allow me to inflate the cake w/o AP. too many eggs can make a cake heavy. i may also add a 3rd egg white but not the yolk. i welcome any thoughts.
alan April 6, 2022
the lemon almond paste cake i cited had 3/4 cup AP. it also had 4 eggs. by incorporating the 4 yolks separately and then whipping the 4 whites, it rose and the cake was a huge hit w/o the flour. i have orders for it for passover by people who tasted the dry run.

one of the 2 people buying the cake for passover has celiac disease and will stay flourless. i'm now looking at a walnut cake w 1 cup of flour. it has only 1 egg. i don't really know what eggs do tho i think they bind the cake. are too many eggs in a cake bad for the outcome or are they simply wasteful? i'm thinking 1 more egg won't make a big difference. instead of introducing the 1 egg, i would add the 2 yolks separately and whip the 2 egg whites separately. worth a try and happy to detail the experiment.
alan April 1, 2022
i made the almond paste lemon olive oil cake w/o flour even tho i had a recipe that included flour. it did work. instead of adding the 4 eggs one at a time, i separated 4 eggs. i put only the yolks in when it asked for eggs. i kept the whites separate and whipped them to hard peaks, then added them.
HalfPint March 17, 2022
Try a recipe with almond flour, like this one:

Here is a copycat recipe for Ikea's almond cake:

I believe both of these are called mandeltorta or mandeltårta. No need to reinvent the wheel. Good luck!
Nancy March 17, 2022
Alan - a few thoughts.
1) Chocolate Lava Cake aka Molten Chocolate Cake, from Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Has 2 tbsp flour which I'm guessing you could omit or replace with matzo meal. Has a very 80s or 90s vibe, famous for a reason and still delicious.
2) When making something new to me, I start with someone else's tried-and-true template, then deviate or make up variations. Here's one from King Arthur Flour.
3) Another dessert good for Passover is chocolate mousse, and I have recipes made with avocado or olive oil instead of the whipping cream, so servable at any kosher table (meat, dairy, neutral).
Learned the avocado version from (a television series in early 2000s) but can't find it's recipe online. Another version is here
and the olive oil one, recipes from Lucy Waverman (cooking teacher, cookbook author in Toronto) and Joan Nathan (cookbook author & columnist, Washington)
and wine writer at Globe and Mail (Toronto) Beppi Crosariol recommends late-harvest Canadian dessert wine or from France a Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise.
Ice wine (from Canada or Germany) would likely go well with all these chocolate confections.
Good luck in your experimenting and eating.

alan March 17, 2022
i actually have the recipe for ikea's cake and will make it next week. as for choc cakes, i already have 1 flourless from dave lebovitz and will do another one w hazelnut. so i have enough choc and the option of the ikea cake. also there's the clementine cake which i made for a few people last year. i did an olive oil cake a few months ago which i think only had a few ingredients. that might b work as flourless. the lemon almond w limoncello would b nice to offer as flourless if it works. i'll find out next week. Tx
Nancy March 17, 2022
OK, you have a handful of not-chocolate cakes or desserts to make.
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