Tomato Paste: How long does it last in the fridge once opened from a can? (I transfered it to a glass airtight container.)

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flgal October 4, 2012
Freeze them in mini muffins tins,each one with be the same with my Pesto. When frozen just take them out and put into a freezer bag.
tlowe October 4, 2012
You can buy chipotle paste in a tube here!
Greenstuff March 4, 2011
I agree with Boulangere about using tubes of tomato paste rather than cans. Mostly, I think that tomato paste is useful in 1 or 2 teaspoon dollops. Tubes are great for that. And they let so little oxygen in that they are good for a long, long time.
RobertaJ March 3, 2011
Line a small sheet pan with wax paper, and dollop out tablespoonfuls onto it. Put the pan, uncovered, in the freezer until the tomato paste is solid, then peel it off the wax paper, and put into a zip bag. You don't even need to defrost the dollops before use, just toss it, still frozen, into whatever you're making.
mainecoon March 3, 2011
Put leftover in a ziploc bag, flatten the bag, so that you have a smooth, thin layer of paste. Put bag in freezer, stacking bags as you go. When you need a bit, break a piece off. You won't be able to measure a tbls, but that shouldn't be an issue with such an ingredient as this. These flat, thin bags work beautifully with lots of things, pesto for one example. Gravy to add to soup for another.
boulangere March 3, 2011
I've gone to tubes tomato paste as well because little jars of this and that in my refrigerator seem to multiply in the night. Alternatively, scrape your leftovers into compartments of an ice cube tray. When frozen, pop them out into a ziplock bag. I freeze pesto the same way during the summer.
susan G. March 3, 2011
It put it in the freezer, in the glass jar it comes in. If you have a tin, transfer to glass -- don't want those off tastes and can linings in your food next time.
PoorGirlRichFood March 3, 2011
I was thinking about this today, too! I made homemade pizza the other day and only used 1/2 a can. I'm happy to know I can make more pizza this weekend and it will still be safe!

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friendlyoaks March 3, 2011
You can avoid the question by wrapping 1-Tbs dollops of tomato paste in plastic wrap and placing them all in a plastic container in your freezer. They are ready to use when you are. I do the same with opened cans of chipotle with adobe. It works great - except for that time that I accidentally used chipotle instead of tomato paste. It was quite a surprise!
SMSF October 4, 2012
I use this method with pesto as well -- so easy, and you can just grab what you need when you need it!
nutcakes March 3, 2011
I would only keep it 5 days.I suppose it could last longer, but I get the heebie jeebies about mold growing before I can visually detect it.
jwolfsthal March 3, 2011
indefinately. several weeks at least. You can cover with a layer of olive oil to prevent oxidation and then tightly seal.
ChefJune March 3, 2011
I've left it there like that and used it successfully after a couple of weeks. My biggest problem with little jars of anything in the fridge is losing them, and then finding them months later with mold growing on top like a scared cat. I've pretty much converted totally to the tubed tomato paste for that reason. It seems to keep longer, and there's no need to transfer containers.
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