I have inherited a couple very unique pans that I can find no information on Cordon Bleu France and they are carbon steel

They have hung in my aunt's garage for at least 40 years I will attach pictures I find nothing on the internet at all about these pans

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • January 21, 2018


jacnapier March 19, 2023
Hello I have a Saladmaster & Cordon Bleu Cookware Office in London, KY I can help with replacements call 606-877-2333
Polly January 28, 2018
Hi! I am in Missouri, too!

I stumbled across your post and can let you know the following information about your pans: Cordon Bleu is the brand name. Using your search engine, type in Cordon Bleu BIA pan set. There is a current listing for a similar set on eBay with a $100 price tag. IMO, that means monetary value is probably about $50. Remember, in cases like this the value is only as great as what somebody else is willing to pay for it. As an aunt who loves to cook, I hope you'll clean those pans up and use them, and remember your aunt fondly when you do!

Good luck & hope this helps!

PS the easiest way to clean those pans till they shine almost like new, is with never dull wadding polish. It is expensive, cleans almost anything quickly, and is easily obtained in the cleaning section of major hardware stores, or the automotive department of Target, Kmart, or Walmart. :-)
Sharon January 22, 2018
Yes. A magnet sticks to it very well.. we are positive about being carbon steel , just don't know any history, value, age..nothing.
Vanessa A. January 5, 2020
Hi I know I’m late with this reply but I bought Cordon Bleu Pan set myself Almost 30 years ago I still use it today but back then I paid $3500 yes you read that right three and a half thousand dollars. I was told they will last the test of time I still have the guarantee for life, but I don’t know what happened to the company something so expensive didn’t last so long in Australia it’s not something That families would have bought because of such an expensive price tag and I know I will never be able to use my guarantee if things went wrong but I can’t complain mine still look and cook just as good now as they did almost 30 years ago I hope this helps 👍😀
jacnapier March 19, 2023
I have a Cordon Bleu & Saladmaster office in London, Ky my telephone number is 606-877-2333
jacnapier March 19, 2023
I have a Cordon Bleu & Saladmaster office in London, Ky my telephone number is 606-877-2333

702551 January 22, 2018
To me, these appear to be tin-lined copper pans with riveted carbon steel handles.

A simple test to see if they are cast iron or carbon steel would be to see if a magnet will attach to the pan and handle. If the magnet does not attach to the body of the pan, then that part is not made of a ferrous metal.

I believe there's a small company somewhere in New England that retins copper pans (use your favorite search engine). If you send photos to them, they may be able to provide some insight into your pans.

Best of luck.
Merry January 21, 2018
I would contact E. Dehillerin in Paris.
Sharon January 21, 2018
I have taken to a couple antique stores near me I am in Missouri nobody has ever seen anything like them or know anything about them I have asked if these are copper coated the coloring on the outside but to me it's somewhat looks like they're painted a gold color I'm just having no luck finding out the history that age or value of these
Nancy January 21, 2018
My first thoughts were that it was a crepe pan, whether for wheat flour or chickpea flour (Provence, Nice, India).
Could use it also for omelets (stovetop) and roasting (in oven).
Mauviel has a similar one....guessing the 44 was cm diameter, so 14" Imperial measure.
The oval one could be used for finishing filled crepes or pasta, with a creamy or cheesy sauce, heated stovetop then finished under the grill. Same for fish.

PS Are they copper? Tin lined? May be worth taking them to be checked and, if needed, relined.
Sharon January 21, 2018
Smaller pan stamp is on handle
Sharon January 21, 2018
This one is smaller ..the larger one has 44 on the handle
Sharon January 21, 2018
The stamp
Sharon January 21, 2018
The stamp
Sharon January 21, 2018
This is a picture
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