Does anyone have a trusted source for replacement parts for a small kitchen appliance

I have a much loved Braun food processor (circa 1990s) and want to get a few additional pieces, such as a dough hook. I did find the needed part on several online sources including EBay but I have never ordered anything online other than Amazon. My concerns are security of my credit card number and successful delivery of any ordered parts. Thoughts, recommendations?

  • Posted by: MNLisaB
  • January 26, 2018


Alex V. March 2, 2018
in Canada Yes
MNLisaB January 28, 2018
Thanks for your advice! If I can find it on EBay I will ask my son to use his EBay Pay Pal account and pay him back...
scruz January 27, 2018
i've bought several things on eBay and have never had a problem. last fall i spent over $400 on a miele vacuum cleaner i had eyed for years. believe me, it was hard for me to push the button, and the seller had great recommendations, and sure enough, a brand new beautiful vacuum cleaner was delivered. no problems, no credit card issues, everything was as stated.
JP January 26, 2018
Braun's web site or the site Braun directs you to.
Nancy January 26, 2018
1) If you live in or visit a large city, you may find shop(s) that specialize in small appliance repair & parts.
2) Ask the manufacturer if they can recommend a store or website that both carries their parts and is reliable.
3) I share your wariness/caution about untried websites. One way people limit liability is to create a credit card for ONLY internet purchases. This allows you to shut it down immediately if tampered with, and doesn't endanger your regular, most-used card(s).
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