nut butter - Vitamix, Cuisinart, etc

Usually I make nut butters in the Cuisinart for ease of clean up. However, recently I used my Vitamix and there is no turning back to the Cuisinart now. With the food processor, I would use about 2 cups of nuts. I read somewhere that the Vitamix needs at least 4 cups of nuts to grind easily. What amounts of nuts do you use in the Vitamix?



Stephanie G. January 30, 2018
One follow you use the dry container of the Vitamix for nut butters?
SKK January 30, 2018
Thanks for the welcome back, Stephanie! I do not use the dry container for nut butters. Just use that for grains and spices. Also use it for sun dried tomatoes to make and for peppers I grow and have dehydrated. :)
SKK January 28, 2018
Also have a Vitamix and love it! You can use any amount of nuts, there is no minimum or maximum. I usually use 2 cups of nuts, which makes 4 cups of butter.
Stephanie G. January 29, 2018
Thank you SKK! So glad to see you back on the site!
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