i got a lot of soft goat cheese in sealed logs on sale. can these be frozen?



Ophelia September 20, 2010
Freezing cheese only really works if you're going to be cooking with it afterwards, but I generally only do so with drier cheeses. I would worry that thawing and then heating a soft goat cheese would turn it into a sort of sweaty gritty mess. Better to find friends who want some or try making a recipe with a lot of soft cheese in it, maybe stuffed peppers or a cheese and onion tart.
pierino September 19, 2010
Simply put, no! Cheese should not be frozen unless it's on a Claim Jumper pizza or something. Remember that cheese is a living, breathing entity. Freezing it will kill it.
KayBee September 19, 2010
I have seen goat cheese frozen and then grated into heated dishes.
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