I have an actual question and it's about goat cheese

I just received a rather large portion of goat cheese from a local goat dairy. It's a hard cheese, not soft. How would you store it?

  • Posted by: JanetFL
  • August 4, 2012


JanetFL August 5, 2012
Thanks to all. I treated it like a Parmesan wedge - wrapped it tightly in waxed paper and then sealed it in a plastic zip-loc bag. Hopefully it will store as well as Parmesan this way.
pierino August 6, 2012
Wrapping cheese in paper and then plastic is fine. But wrapping them in nothing but cling wrap causes them to sweat out moisture.
chef O. August 5, 2012
I disagree that plastic wrap is no no for wrapping cheese - especially for hard cheeses. It keeps it from drying out and does not impact flavor or texture one iota. I was at the goat farm last week buying cheese and they wrapped everything in paper then plastic. Kept in fridge for a week with no problem.
pierino August 4, 2012
I'll just add my voice to the choir; yes wrap it in paper. You can find paper specifically tailored to cheese in cheese shops but that is not essential. Let's just say that cheese and plastic wrap don't make good friends.
JanetFL August 4, 2012
So do I....and it's hard to find!
JanetFL August 4, 2012
Thanks, Amanda. I do have wax paper and will do as you suggest.
Amanda H. August 4, 2012
Good luck -- love hard goat cheeses!
Amanda H. August 4, 2012
If you have wax paper or waxed butcher paper, wrap it tightly and store in the fridge.
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