Can I freeze my toum?

I made Bone appetites toum recipe and it turned out too thin but the oil solidified in the fridge so its fine now as a spread.

Wondering if I can freeze this?? It made more than I can eat in a week!

It just garlic, lemon, oil, water, salt. Thoughts???

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • February 11, 2018


joniacafe July 3, 2023
YOU CAN FREEZE TOUM, YAY! ~~ Making homemade Toum is no a simple task. I applaud those who make it often. In my attempts, the speed of the blender, food processor or immersion blender make a difference. Slower is best. / Ice water is KEY for that beautiful, fluffy emulsion. Less oil makes a tastier toum. Many variables. ~~ Yesterday's batch, I made too much and now plan to freeze half of it, based on the following: ~~ On, I found this reply on storing TOUM - Reply: I have kept Toum (without egg) in the fridge for almost a month with no problem at all. No change in flavour and no tummy upsets. I have also frozen toum and while it does separate on defrosting, a quick round in the blender and its as good as new!
BFRbaker! September 23, 2022
I froze my toum because mine didn't turn out fluffy. I put "the sauce" into freezer put it into an ice tray. I use it for cooking. I just pop one out and use it all the time as I need it. Yum
creamtea February 11, 2018
I looked up toum on Torey Avey's website. She says it can be refrigerated for up to 4 weeks. I think freezing it would break the emulsion and affect the flavor, but you could experiment with freezing a small amount, say, a couple of tablespoons, and then decide what to do with the rest.
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