Leftover ravioli filling - good in a baked pasta?

I have a fair amount of leftover ravioli filling - ricotta, fontina, roasted mushrooms, along with a fair amount of spinach/parsley bechamel on which I served said ravioli. Was thinking of using this in a baked ziti-ish something or other today. Do people think this will work? Any additions needed? Thanks!!



PHIL February 20, 2018
Forget the pasta, spread it on some toasted bread!
Lost_in_NYC February 19, 2018
Go for it! The ziti is just another pasta vessel for your fillings/flavors so it should be just as tasty!
702551 February 18, 2018
Sounds good to me.

Maybe 80% of the enjoyment at 20% of the effort. Believe me, I like raviolis but they are a lot of work.

Anyhow, best of luck.
MMH February 18, 2018
That sounds delicious to me!!!!
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