I have leftover mushrooms, spinach and lentils, and need to whip up a dinner - - any ideas?



Alixe&Lorenzo January 2, 2011
Thanks so much everyone for your useful ideas. I"ll post photos of your suggestions realized
bella S. January 2, 2011
Sounds like a comforting soup to me.
healthierkitchen January 2, 2011
I would top with a vinaigrette for a salad, and garnish with a little goat cheese
Raquelita January 2, 2011
veggie burgers! add an egg, a few tablespoons flour, any cooked grains or veggies, spices, form into patties and broil. you can then sautee some for a better texture and freeze some for later use.

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lastnightsdinner January 2, 2011
Sounds like it would make a lovely soup, or a warm lentil salad.
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