Pasta sauce recommendation? Need some last minute help.

OK I need some help with a sauce for the Pi Fasacc (a cheese filled pasta) for tomorrow's meal. I had planned to get seafood pasta and serve with a white wine, butter, shallot sauce, but they weren't available and now I have cheese filled (ricotta, gran padano and tellegio) pasta. I am also serving a butternut squash soup with sage and prosciutto, a baby gem salad with walnuts, pecorino, red onion and oven roasted cherry tomatoes and a meatball(s) with a passata, So that said, I did not want to do red sauce, two guests are mushroom adverse, chicken broth? Too much like the soup? I feel like pesto might be a bit off season. Anyhow, taking any and all recommendations. Dessert is pannetore bread pudding.

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MMH December 25, 2017
If you already have pesto, just toss it in that.

If you still have time roasted red pepper sauce is easy and elegant.

Cut about 6 red peppers in half and broil until charred. Put them in a bag to steam. In the mean time sautee some onions and garlic in olive oil. Place the peppers over a bowl and peel so you dont lose any of the liquid. Puree the peppers & onions & some chicken or veggie stock with an immersion blender until you have sauce thickness. Season & serve. It tastes like a cream sauce. I love it with cheese ravioli or tortellini.
BerryBaby December 25, 2017
You could do a very light brown butter with garlic and Italian herbs. It's very easy. Or a light herb cheese sauce? And one more a butter lemon white sauce.
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scruz December 24, 2017
a light béchamel? mmmmm. what time's dinner?
Nancy December 24, 2017
A mint pesto to play off the peas.
Or, brown butter mushrooms chicken or tomato need apply.
Nancy December 25, 2017
Maybe ignore suggestion for mint pesto. When I was looking at recipes for pi fasaac, one had peas in it, but this seems to be unique or an aberration.
Still ok with brown butter sauce.
Plum I. December 24, 2017
Wintery pesto, maybe kale watercress, nuts, heavier is a link for ideas but lots out there
Summer O. December 24, 2017

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