I don't have a scale, about how many cups or leaves of kale should I use?

  • Posted by: Erika
  • February 20, 2018


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702551 February 20, 2018
Another way you can do this is to take a quarter of your pasta and put it in a plastic bag. That's about four ounces.

Take some of the kale and put it in another plastic bag. Judge the heft of each bag, they should be about the same.

This type of recipe has some flexibility, you don't need to micromanage this to a tenth of an ounce.

Best of luck.
Erika February 20, 2018
Thank you!
Stephanie B. February 20, 2018
If one bunch of kale is one pound, then 3.5oz is just shy of a quarter of a pound, or about a quarter of a bunch of kale.
Erika February 20, 2018
Thank you!
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