How to Butternut squash noodles into puree

I'm making a healthy lasagna for dinner and recipe calls for butternut squash puree.... well the grocery store only had the noodles..... How do I turn them into a puree... food prosseser is not working out very well... do I need to heat them 1st?

Lorena Lopez


mstv February 22, 2018
I would steam and then mash with a potato masher.
creamtea February 22, 2018
Are you trying to puree cooked butternut squash? . If you purchased butternut squash, then I'd cook it first (roast it whole but pierce the skin several times with a knife; or, halve it with a good-sized chef's knife, remove seeds and pith, then bake or steam, then scrape the flesh from the tough skin, and purée it. I hope you'll provide more info so we can be of more help. Boil plain lasagne noodles (or use no-boil noodles), layer the (whole) noodles in a baking dish, alternating with the butternut squash purée and the other ingredients called for, then bake according to directions.
creamtea February 22, 2018
(you wouldn't want to purée actual noodles, however :)
MMH February 22, 2018
I'd steam them but in the microwave so the nutrients don't leach out. Sometimes I buy frozen cubes & they are already steamed.
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